Our Services



We have a good selection of microphones, including the Brauner Phanthera.
We also have a Sonor Designer Series maple drumkit that sounds phenomenal.
We can record vocals, guitars, keys, drums as well as an extensive list of software instruments.
Guitars and basses are not provided and must be brought along by the clients.
If needed, we can help with arranging the song(s).



Co-writing can be a wonderful learning experience, and we can contribute with ideas for melodies, lyrics and hooks.



We write and produce our own music. We can contribute with production ideas and concepts for clients


Studio musician

Clients can hire our drummer/rhythmic composer for acoustic drum tracks and beat programming.

Got a great song, but no vocalist(s)? We offer vocal services.


Digital release

After mixing and mastering we can help you get your music released for streaming/downloading at Spotify, ITunes, Tidal and other platforms.


Cover art:

We do artwork/graphic design. If you want us to design your cover art. Contact us for examples.