Mixing and mastering

Our mixing and mastering engineer is an A-student in mixing and mastering at Berklee College of Music
and we can mix and master all genres; Acoustic Jazz, Pop, Rock, Electronic music, Film Scores and so on.


Today with so much music available on the internet, and so many people trying to get noticed,
it´s really important to make sure your mix stands out.
Mixing is all about getting individual parts or instruments to work as a song.
In the mixdown process our audioengineer Frank´s aim is to sculpt your arrangement
to make sense of all your tracks in relation to each other.
When we´re finished mixing your songs, you should be pleased with the way the they sound and feel
confident that nothing is missing musically.


Example 1:  “Anything To Be Your Woman”



Example 2: “Close Up Shop”



Example 3: “One Step Closer”




The goal of mastering is to ensure that your audio will sound the best it can on all platforms.
Music has never been consumed on more formats and devices than today.
A good mastering job makes a production consistent and balanced across all tracks.
Without mastering, individual tracks can sound disjointed in relation to each other.
Our goal is to ensure that your sound will be heard the way you visioned it to be.      


 Example: ” Side By Side”

 Example: ” Unbalance”