Eirin has composed music and performed on stage since she was 6 years old, as a vocalist and musician.
She grew up in a family where almost everyone played a instrument, and has always had a passion for the creative field; songwriting, lyrical writing, art and performance. 

Eirin has written musicals as well as music and lyrics for the stage, and she loves to work with many genres of music, from folk, country to pop, R&B, electronica and rock. She has 3 years music education from college, and has been a music instructor for many years.
She has completed university studies at Berklee College of Music in songwriting (lyrics and music), with the grade of A.






Frank has a background as a drummer and vocalist in various bands.

He is an A student from Berklee College of Music,
studying Music Production, Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting,
Electronic Music, Music Analyses, Drumming and Vocals.

Reference from Stig Mathisen,
chair of Guitar Program at Musicians Institute, Los Angeles:

“His marvelous intuitive and analytical skills and perfectionism
have given him the ability to understand, and connect musical ideas

and concepts from many different angles.”