Sometimes, when inspiration strikes, we are both unaware and unprepared.



Such moments often occur:

* Just before you fall asleep

* When you wake up during a profound dream

* On a road trip

* On a train or a plane where you cannot sing out loudly

* Last but not least…” TADA” – In the shower!!


In all the above scenarios, a phone/audio recorder and a journal are valuable tools.

Writing text ideas on the phone is obviously smart, but a writing journal can provoke a more intimate and immediate response.

Brain researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim have used a 256-electrode sensor hood to test brain activity of 20 students. The results show that we remember better/more creatively, writing with pen and paper.


Decide and commit to documenting your ideas using these handy and easy to carry tools. Be prepared when lightning strikes.


All the best from Eirin and Frank!



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