Songwriting is at the heart of Earthshine Music. This is what we do. It is the source of our passion.
We write music for artists, bands and visual media


“Sometimes the easiest thing is the hardest to do.”

Sometimes, when inspiration strikes, we are both unaware and unprepared.     Such moments often occur: * Just before you fall asleep * When you wake up during a profound dream * On a road trip * On a train or a plane where you cannot sing out loudly * Last but not...

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It´s all about the heart!

As a sound engineer you go through the highly intellectual prosess of mixing and mastering with the ultimate goal of capturing the hearts of the audience. Even when you know how to effectively handle your DAW and various signal processors - bridging the heart and the...

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Unlock your creativity!

As a songwriter you can´t always control when you get inspired, but the negative stories you´re constantly telling yourself about your own capacity to create; well, that´s really hurting your productive flow.   1) Stay alert and open for inspiration; a movie, a face...

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